Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wardrobe Clearance and Souk!

It's spring cleaning here at Mystik Dream and (almost) everything must go! We're selling group costumes, solo costumes, veils (Akai Silks and Shibori Borealis), props, skirts, pants, you name it. Let's just say our two closets got trimmed down to one closet.We mostly have classical/cabaret stuff but we have some awesome tribal goodies as well.We have many brand new unused items including veils, fan veils, hip scarves, zills, Isis wings, DVDs, eyelashes and endless wave pants, practice tops and pants, as well as many used items in great condition that are priced very low.
This is an open souk - if you have anything you'd like to sell, you can rent a space for $5.00! 

RSVP at the Facebook event page!

Here are just a few things we're selling (Keep in mind that there will be lots more from the other vendors!):

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Audition for Ensemble/Corps du Dance

Hello dancers!
I've been thinking about the company lately, and I'd like to create a kind of gateway opportunity for students to work with the company on a level suitable to their experience. Rather than having this huge gap from the start of training to the possibility of auditioning for the company, I thought it would be good to create parts in the company's repertoire that can be performed by dancers who have solid technique and good experience, but maybe aren't at a professional level or aren't ready to make the commitment that is required of a soloist level dancer in the company.
Commitment to participate in a performance would be solely on a case to case basis, meaning there would not be long term commitment to perform in every show we decide to take part in (however, each performance would have a commitment agreement). This would also be a great way to work on skills such as memorization of choreography, transitions, combos, props, etc. even if you don't have solid plans to perform. This class would also work very specifically on performance skills.
We would most likely call this group the Mystik Dream Student Ensemble or the Mystik Dream Corps du Dance.

If there is enough interest I will hold an audition in January. If you are accepted, while this would be a low level commitment, students would still be responsible for costuming, class attendance, etc and would be required to sign a contract describing behavior and requirements while participating as part of the group (but not committing to any period of time or required performances). I am thinking of scheduling this class for Saturday at 3:00pm, right after company rehearsal. Members of the ensemble/corps would be welcome to attend rehearsal to observe and understudy more major roles. If a dancer became ill or injured, an understudy would be called on to fill in.

Benefits of participating in this class would obviously include performance opportunities both as a student group and as corps to the professional company, possibility to be cast for minor roles in future productions, as well as a featured bio on our website, extra training time, priority for auditioning to become a higher level member of the company and compensation for performances when possible.
Discounted Cost - While I can't offer a class straight up for free (studio time uses lots of electricity), I would like to offer this class at a seriously discounted rate, probably 15-20.00 a month.
Requirements: Must be enrolled in the intermediate or advanced classical class at MDDA. You must be 18 to sign your own contract, if you are under 18 you will be required to set up a parent-teacher meeting. Must show proficiency in basic technique, posture and alignment, ability to follow stage directions and floor patterns, execute advanced turns and perform basic backbends as well as demonstrate dedication. You must be in good health, able physically to meet the demands of performing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November News!

Hello students!
Major changes are happening here at Mystik Dream! First, we are pleased to announce that you can now create an account to register for new classes, sign up for a drop in, workshop or private lesson, mark yourself as absent, check your balance, and more! We can also process credit cards online, over the phone and in person! Check it out here!
If you sign up and the system tells you you're already entered and you still need to set your password, just click "I forgot my password" and provide your email and enter your new password.
As a super special deal for our sutdents, next month (December) if you bring in one paying student we'll give you half off your next month! Bring two, and you'll get a whole month for the f word - FREE! :p
So everyone here is excited about La Danse Orientale Compeition in Tacoma! We're signed up, collecting registration fees and getting ready! We're even opening a new class to work on solo composition. This specific class is designed to create your own choreography from start to finish, covering musical selections, structure, mapping and interpretation, different choreographic processes, notation and other tools, performance skills, presentation and more.
We have quite a collection of people attending - the professional company is competing in the troupe category, Savannah Demers and Khamara are competing in the alternative category, Natale and Abagaia are competing in the novice category, Nicole Richardson in the props category, Parizadah in the Rising Star cateogry, and myself in the Miss La Danse Orientale category. We need to rent a van! I know we're all excited to represent Mystik Dream, to do our best, receive some feedback and have fun!

Now I'm off to get some more work done, and we'll see what news the next update brings!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Almishkal and What's Next!

Well, Almishkal 2011 was a success! We had a few hiccups in the show - a bra with stage fright, beads on the floor and a great big SPLAT in my solo - but all that only adds to the showbiz experience! I always say - it's not about a lack of mistakes, it's about recovering gracefully. I'm still not sure about the final attendance headcount, but we're estimating around 150. I've received a ton of audience feedback, all positive!
I am so proud of my students, who worked so hard and did such a great job! I watch the video of the finale over and over again! I'm working on slowly getting videos and pictures up so keep on checking the facebook page and youtube channel! Here are links to what I have up so far:   <- The finale! Great job everyone!   <- Heartbeat   <- Delilah's solo Sunshower
So what's next? Well, as I have already mentioned I am working on a brand new intermediate choreograpy - the track is Sahra Sadie by Gamal Goma. It's a very popular drum solo with good reason, it's very easy to dance to as far as drum solos go. I'm nursing my knee but also trying to work on the choreo without moving a whole lot, easier said than done! For those of you who are interested in performing, I have some upcoming haflas around town in mind. Haflas are a great opportunity to get to know other dancers in the community and perform in a supportive all-dancer audience!
For anyone who is interested, registration is now open for the La Danse Orientale Competition in Tacoma, WA! If you are interested in performing, I will be happy to assist you with finding a good costume for a good deal ( is always the best place to start) as well as coaching, choreography and song choice. Unfortunately there is no student troupe category so everyone will have to enter as soloists. What a great opportunity to grow as a dancer! I'm very excited about it. I will be entering the Miss La Danse Orientale category, and hopefully we will be entering into the troupe category as well! I have to start saving for those entry fees. Regarding travel, I'm hoping to arrange a carpool for everyone who wants to go. If you're interested we will all need to begin making arrangements soon, so let's talk about it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Happenings!

Hello all! Time for a much-overdue blog post! Lots happening so read on for the latest!

As requested, there will be a special choreography class Tuesday September 20th at 4:00 to work on the intermediate choreography, as well as to sign up to perform the choreography at Almishkal September 30th!
We have prepull tickets available for sale - don't forget to pick some up for your friends and family to see you dance! $10.00 for students, seniors (60+) and groups of 6 or more, standard price $12.00

This is the last week you can vote in Krem2's Best of Spokane competition, so if you haven't voted, please do! We will love you for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever! :)

We have three new books in the library: My Forbidden Face by Latifa, Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi and Persian Girls by Nahid Rachlin. All three are amazing, though tough reads about the hardships of women in the middle east. Excellent cultural study materials, I highly recommend them.

We will be adding a new class to our Winter Term - Group Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance with Sue!
Learn the movement vocabulary and cues to lead and follow through improvisation as a group for one of a kind, community dances. Modern belly dance hails back to Middle Eastern and North African roots with earthy moves, community spirit, and ethnic costuming. Date and time TBA shortly as we wrap up details :)

The Winter term will begin November 1st and will run until February 24th (Winter break will be December 11th through January 1st)
The first week of the session, bring a friend for free to class! If that friend signs up for a month, you and your friend will get five dollars off your next month! :)

Ok, I think that's it! See you in class! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We've been nominated for Best Dance Studio!

We're Competing badge

Hello everyone!
Our studio has been nominated in Krem 2's Best of Spokane Competition! We are currently in 5th place (thank you to those who already voted!!) but we are competing against big names in town so we need your help! Please vote for us by following the link above - it's easy and you can use your facebook account! We have a deal on classes up for anyone who votes!! Get a month for half off! So don't miss out ;)

ALSO - Koreshakti Tribal Fusion lead by our dear Nicole Richardson is up for Best Theater Group! I don't have a badge for them, so please follow the link below to vote!!

Every vote counts!! Thank you in advance!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Air Conditioning!

Hi everyone! D here! :)
We are happy to announce that the
Mystik Dream Dance Studio now has
Air Conditioning!!!
*shivers with glee*

Monday, August 8, 2011

Show Poster Rewards Program and Contest!

Hello everyone!
As you know, we have our show Almishkal coming up on September 30th and will be benefiting the Bing Crosby Theatre! The poster is in the works right now, and when it's done, we will have a special rewards program set up. For every poster you can get put up, you will earn a dollar credit towards classes, no limit! If you have the time to get 40 posters up then you will earn a month for free! We also have a special prize for the person who can put up the most posters by  September 26th! Here are the rules and stipulations:

  • Posters can be put up in Spokane and surrounding towns within about a 1 hour driving distance.
  • To redeem your rewards, please take a picture of the poster up on the board you have put it on and log the name of the place. If you can, please make a note of how long the poster will stay up (until the show date, for one month, etc. different locations have different rules)
  • Please do not put full size posters up at grocery stores unless they have a large board at the entrance. (posters put up by bathrooms and in the backs of stores don't qualify, sorry!)
  •  Please do not put posters up outside, at bus stops etc.
  • Please, please return any posters you can't get put up! They are expensive and we need to put up every poster we can!
  • Here are a few suggestions of good places to put up fliers: dance studios, cafes, bookstores, business storefronts (music shops, boutiques, etc), craft stores, grocery/health food stores, bakeries, video stores and pretty much anywhere that has other posters in the window, or a community bulletin board.
Thank you in advance! You are supporting a labor of love that is the result of endless hours of choreographing, brainstorming and rehearsal as well as an amazing theatre that has supported the arts for years. We are excited to be giving back to our arts community and you can be a part of it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Current Student Only Sale!

Hello everyone!
I'm offering a special insider's deal for current students only - pay for the next session in advance and I'll give you 12 weeks for only $75.00 (normal price $100.00)! This is the lowest price of the year, so don't pass it up!
:) Thank you everyone for your continued support! Also - it looks like we might be auditioning for Spokane's Got Talent, so stay tuned!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Survey and sale!

Hello everyone!
I'm looking at placing another order for dancewear soon, and I want to make sure I order colors that will sell well! Take a look at the photo and let me know which colors you'd be most likely to wear! Also, our leftover stock will be going on sale!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Coupon and Arora Show

Hello all!
Print out and bring in this coupon to save on a whole session!

It's almost officially official that Arora will be scheduled for December 16th at the Bing Crosby Theatre. Student auditions for parts in the show will be held the second week of October during usual class times. You will be required to perform the choreography one at a time so practice, practice, practice! If you are selected as part of the Mystik Dream Student Troupe, you will be required to sign a basic contract saying you are committed to the show and a model release form. Students will be required to attend rehearsals and dress rehearsals at the studio and the Bing - dates to be announced soon. Student costumes will be selected soon - they will be in the 30 to 40 dollar range.
You can earn Bellybucks rewards by sharing our facebook event and putting up posters and handouts! More info as our promo material is produced.

Thank you all, see you in class soon! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hafla Tomorrow!

Hello all!
Nadiyah and Hasnah Haddiya are hosting a hafla and pet food drive tomorrow at A Taste of India on Division - they have amazing food there and the  buffet will be open for 10 or 12 dollars. Free entry for the show but it is a drive for Spokanimal so please bring along a donation of pet food of some kind! This is a great chance to get out and meet people in the community and enjoy great food and dancing! I hear 18 different dancers and troupes are performing. Hope to see you there! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creating a Thorough Practice Routine

Having a structure in your practice is very challenging! Many dancers end up staring aimlessly into their mirror unsure of what to do. But a thorough, regular practice is the best tool in a dancer's arsenal. Dedication and finding time are hard, but if dance is a real priority there is no excuse for irregular or (gasp!) total absence of practice. Some dancers mistakingly believe they don't need to practice - but let me tell you no professional ever got that way on an hour of practice a week. Here's a good motivator. Taking one class a week will result in an average of 52 hours of training in a year. Daily practice (which should amount in about an hour total if possible) could easily result in 365 hours of training in a year. Professional dancers work several hours every day - in my busy months that sometimes adds up to 25 hours a week or more between teaching, performing and personal practice, which could add up to as much as 1300 hours a year.
Many dancers also make the mistake of "practice" meaning just improvising aimlessly to music - which is extremely important and should be a part of your practice. But very few dancers, I find, actually drill movements consistently which is the true key to effortless technique. To solve these problems I am going to outline a sample drill routine. It is important to rotate what movements you integrate into your practice, and make sure to include new moves without forgetting old ones!
I recommend selecting a handful of movements you want to work on based on how much time you have. Don't forget to warm up! You might start with gentle taqsim movements and yoga poses.
Now let's say you've decided to practice hip slides, saiidi hip drops, sidewinder, undulations up to down and three quarter shimmy. It would be straightforward to practice these movements standing, as we do when we learn them in class. However, this is not dancing dynamically! Once you have learned how to do them, you must integrate into your muscle memory in a variety of poses and movements! So here is an example of a drill of one movement; we'll select the three quarter shimmy.
Begin in first position and drill for 16 to 32 counts here. Repeat in second and fourth. (not all movements can be done in all foot positions!). Repeat that whole sequence in double time! Now with a basic walk in all stage directions - downstage, upstage, left, right, and diagonals (while facing downstage). Walk in a circle around yourself both directions. Now try grapevine and basic Egyptian. Repeat all that in doubletime. Practice with a level change. If you are an advanced dancer, try adding upper body layers.
If we wanted to practice a similar drill flow with a different movement, such as a grapevine - the example above would not apply the same way. We cant do a grapevine while doing a basic walk at the same time, but we can variate the direction of the grapevine, for instance. So to  make this less confusing, here is a simple set of questions to ask yourself about each movement you want to practice.
Which standing positions can this movement be done in?
How many time signatures/speeds can this step be done in?
Can this step be done with a basic walk?
Can this step be done with other foot patterns such as grapevine, chasse, basic Egyptian and cross-step?
Can this movement be done with a level change?
Can this movement be done while turning?
What other isolations can this be layered with? (advanced)
Can this movement be done in floorwork? (advanced)
Practice each variation for 16 to 32 counts -  longer if it feels awkward or you want to work the controling muscle - shorter if you want to practice a greater variety of moves. Remember - quality over quantity!
Of course, you won't be able to do this with every single move you know every single time you practice, the key is to rotate. Just insure that you don't practice too wide a variety so that you are master of none, but don't practice so few that you limit your movement vocabulary. It's all about balance. And don't forget to allow yourself free dance time to improvise and feel! This will develop your individuality and personal style.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tv Show Shimmy is a Great Practice Tool!

Hello students!
For those of you who have cable I highly reccomend recording or tuning into the show Shimmy on Fit TV. It's a really great practice tool, with good instruction and beautiful production. Check out the preview below!

While some of the movements are done slightly different than the way I teach them (usually simplified or emphasizing posture slightly lesson so watch out!) I think it's a great way to have a guided practice! Hopefully soon I'll be investing in the series for the library - each 2 disk set is $50.00 though so it may be a while! In the meantime check it out if you can and let me know what you think!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mystik Dream's library will be up and running soon!

Hello all!
I'm happy to announce our most recent brainchild, a student resource that I'm very excited about - a library! We already have a pretty respectable collection of DVDs - instructional, performance and documentary, as well as books and CDs! Also, right now we have a whole bunch of DVDs to sell for 40 to 60 percent off - they don't have the covers, so I'd like to replace the ones designated for the library (It really helps to pick out a DVD when you can see the pictures and description and such).
It will run simply as any library - pick out something you'd like to borrow, you'll get a return date, and bring it back! We will have standard late fees and all that jazz, but we shouldn't have too much of a problem with that right? ;)
If you completely fall in love with something, just let me know, pay me the value and keep it and I'll order a new one!
I'm very excited about the way that this will expand the resources of my students and I hope you will all enjoy it!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Re-sharing an observation from this Spring

The following is from my Facebook notes from January. :) Came across it and thought I'd share here. For any of my serious students, this mentality is what I hope to instill in all of you. Take it to heart!

I have not danced in eight. days. My body, as an instrument, is out of tune. I rue the difference I feel after one or two days. Dancing daily results in every muscle memory being fresh in the mind, the most complex muscular combinations as easy as waving the hand. Concentration and strain is for the studio, not the stage. People mistakenly practice at 50 to 80 percent at best, and perform at 100 percent.
However it is my personal motto that one must practice at 120 to 150 percent - rehearsal is the time to push yourself and concentrate. When you perform, all your practice pays off and you actually perform at 100 percent. The best performers are often said to be the ones who "make it looks easy". If a dancer does something obviously very impressive, but appears to be straining or nervous (or pulling a muscle), it really ruins the effect. It is far better to do the most difficult things with the most apparent ease and grace.
If every last minute detail is not perfect - repeatedly - in the studio, it will not be so on stage. By the time anything reaches the stage, in a perfect world, it could be done backwards and upside down while sleeping.
Nothing makes a phenomenal performer or group except diligence, preserverance and good old blood, sweat and tears. Practice does not make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Session, New Classes, and More!

Greetings students and dancers!
We will be hosting our quarterly (or supposed to be quarterly, cough, choke) souk on Saturday April 29th here at the studio from 3 to 6pm! Come browse the various new and gently used wares including practice wear, costuming, fabric, props, and all kinds of things!

Also, we are beginning our newest session May 1st! We will be welcoming new students and a new instructor! Director of Koreshkati Tribal Fusion, Nicole Richardson will be joining our ranks teaching Tribal Fusion Mondays at 7pm! We have a special offer for current students - sign up for a month of Tribal Fusion in addition to your current class and save an extra five dollars off the bundle price! That's $70.00 for two courses (8 classes per month)!

We are adding a couple more ways to earn Bellybucks to our rewards program! Students who pay for a session and do not miss a class will receive five dollars off their next session! And students who attend an approved company performance or community event will receive a discount off their next month or session, depending on the ticket price of the event.

And last but not least, a reminder of a few policies we're javing trouble with
Please respect our neighbors and make sure to park on our side of the street in front of our house! If there is not space on the street, feel free to park behind the black car in the driveway. And also please be sure to remove your shoes at the door and place them in the coat closet. It makes a huge difference in keeping the floor clean for each class!

Thank you all, and we will see you in class! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Koreshakti @ Abney Park Concert!

Koreshakti's performance at the Abney Park show yesterday at the Knitting Factory! Nefabit, Surina, Savvy, and Nicole, You guys RAQ!! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NEW! Dancewear!

We are now carrying a selection of hip scarves, zills, and dancewear.
One of our suppliers is an eBay seller, dapeng
We also have a wholesale account with
They are starting to carry the same things as dapeng, but they have lower prices! :)
We can place a large order with either of these guys for a 20% discount. We will make a 10% profit, but that will go into expanding our selection. :)
Feel free to look around and see what they have to offer. If you see something you want, let us know by email. To calculate your price, add their price plus their shipping price and then subtract 10%.
Happy Shopping! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best Sword Dance Ever :)

This is still my most favorite sword dance of all time.
It is from Suhaila Salimpour's theatrical performance Sheherezade.
The song is "Edge of Survival" by Ziad Islambouli.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March-April Community Bullitien Board

Here is a list of upcoming events, performances and workshops in and nearby Spokane! Please comment or email if I missed something. :)

March 5th 3:00-8:30pm Sultana dancers Hafla Clarion Hotel Ballroom Richland, WA
The Sultana Dancers 2011 Annual Hafla is fast approaching! Come check out one of the longest standing belly dance shows in Southeastern Washington with some uber talented dancers from all over the Pacific Northwest! The featured performer (who is also giving a workshop on 3/6 at Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet) is Dahlia Moon - 2007 Bellydancer of the Universe! Many styles of belly dance will be performed, as well as some live drumming! There will also be vendors offering a variety of belly dance goodies! The event is being held in the main ballroom of the Clarion Hotel on George Washington Way in Richland WA. Admission is free, with donations greatly appreciated. The show is family friendly, and there will be an after-party in the lounge for the 21+ crowd to unwind, and dance some more!!!
Facebook Event (also for workshops)
March 6th Workshops with Dahlia Moon 2007 Bellydancer of the Universe "Hot Hips"
Get the how-tos for some of the most popular and impressive Egyptian style hip movements from multi-award-winning dancer, Dahlia. Utilizing modern and beledi styling, she'll start with the basics then burn her way through advanced techniques. Have you ever wondered what the "Jewel" is? Or the difference between the "Ghawazee" and "Hagalla" 3/4 shimmies? Get them all securely fastened under your belt in this highly valuable workshop for all belly dance styles!
"Folkloric Egyptian Technique"
You may be surprised to find that much of the cross-genre movement in belly dance comes from folkloric Egyptian dances! Hone your skills and expand your repetoire; gain and maintain a solid foundation in the style that is the Mother of this sacred dance we Americans call, "Belly Dance." By cross-training the old and the new, we improve our skills as dancers while nurturing an appreciation of this ancient art form. Dahlia helps you connect with the essence of Belly Dance through stylistically challenging drills and combos of folkloric Egyptian genres.

Register by contacting Cost is $60 for the 4 hour workshop.
March 12th 7:00pm- Belly Dancing at the Red Dragon (repeats second Sat of every month)
This wonderful community event showcases dancers of all styles and levels! This month featuring Arzu, Savannah Demers, Nicole Richardson, Janelle Jackson, Ballet Classique, Malidoma, Salawa, Shining, Nefabit, and Nizana! Free admission, please support restaurant with food or drink purchase as there is extremely limited space!
Facebook Event

March 26th - Layali Tarab XIII (And Nefabit's birthday!)
Baharat!! Dance Company hosts an evening of "Quality Entertainment, Spiced with the Flavors of the Middle East", featuring dances from Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and Greece, along with skits and Persian and American fusion. Our special guests are Spokane's Nefabit, Salawa of Los Angeles and Sacramento California, and Portland, Oregon's Shining.
Excellent Thai Cuisine and a variety of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are available for those who want to purchase dinner, drinks, or appetizers.
Price- $12 in advance, $15 at the door, Children under 10 are $5.
For information and reservations:
Please make checks payable to Deborah Majewski,
PO Box 4782, Spokane WA. 99220
Or email Baharat at for more info.
Facebook Event

April 8th 9am - 10pm Workshops and Gala Show with Ranya Renee - in Butte Montana
“Technique Tidbits for Egyptian Oriental Dance” 9am
Foundation and flair—hipwork, abdominal movements, graceful arms and hands, and step combinations. Ranya’s holistic approach to Egyptian technique works towards awakening a sense of postural, muscular, and energetic connections in the body. Designed to produce a healthy, centered, grounded way of dancing, to feel good, execute movements well, and protect the body from injury by using muscular support. We’ll work with some of Ranya’s favorite combinations, and focus on the technique of “movement linking” to create a smooth flow between distinct movements, as well as applying breathwork to the combinations for a more relaxed look and feel.
“Shimmy Clinic”
10:30 am - noon
Ranya the Shimmy Doctor welcomes you to her Clinic, to help diagnose whatever might be getting in the way of your free and powerful shimmy, and lead you through exercises and drills across the range of shimmy options! We'll work with points of origination of the shimmy in the body, hips, legs, use of butt and pelvic floor muscles, shimmying on flat feet, up on toes, weighted, unweighted, weight shifting, layering movements over shimmies, and adding a touch of shimmy to spice up your movements. We'll use music that complements shimmies, with guidance on how to apply shimmies and vibrations to accompany different instruments and rhythmic tempos. You'll learn techniques to free your shimmy through breathwork, stretching, and mental relaxation training. The Doctor knows that the shimmy experience is not the same for all body types, so she'll give pointers for working with what you've got, whether you are tight or loose, slim or juicy, or somewhere in between. This workshop lays the groundwork so you can build your personal shimmy practice with no shame and no apologies! Be prepared for a fun combination of shimmy workout and shimmy spa relaxation.

Noon-1:00 pm: Lunch and shopping
1:00-4:00 pm
Modern Egyptian Oriental Choreography by Ranya Renee: Learning a choreography is a great way to put it all together and take away lots of ideas, movements and combinations from a workshop! Ranya will present an original choreography in the modern Egyptian style!
7:00-10:00 pm
Gala show featuring Ranya Renee, with Arwen, Suzan, Copper City Beledi and many other wonderful areal dancers and troupes!
Sunday, April 10th:
Ranya will be available for private lessons and/or a master class!

Facebook Event 

April 9th 10:00am Hip Hop, Martial Arts and Belly Dance Fusion Workshop With Raqs Steddie Eddie
host- Il Rawazi Baten
presenter- Raq Steady Eddie
topic- Hip hop, martial arts and belly dance fusion
cost- $30.00

Facebook Event

April 9th 3:00-7:00pm Il Rawazi Baten's East Beast Hafla
Il Rawazi Baten hosts it's 2nd Annual East Beast Hafla. Dancers from around the northwest are invited to join us and our special guest Raq Steady Eddie.
Facebook Event
April 9th 8:00-11:00pm - Abney Park with Koreshakti Tribal Fusion and DJ Panix!
A wonderful evening of Steampunk, Tribal Fusion and Music! Koreshakti Tribal Fusion will be performing an hour long set at this concert with special guest Nagasita! Admission $15.00 at the Knitting Factory
Facebook Event

April 10th 10:30am - Workshop with Tribal Fusion Dancer Nagasita
~Bring your Artform to the next level~
April 10th 10:30 A.M.-1:30 A.M.
$35.00 in advance $40.00 at the door
Register at
Costume Tutorial Add On $10.00 in advance $15.00 at the door

In this workshop NagaSita will teach a new choreography in the style
of her own take on Tribal Fusion Bellydance "Tribal-Nouveau". A style
which serves as a solid foundation for building on and personalizing
to enhance your dance repertoire in Tribal-Fusion while nourishing
techniques in grace, poise, fluidity and dynamism. Techniques for
eliminating pre-performance jitters will be shared along with an
effective warm up for flawless execution on stage. The lay-back as
well as floorwork techniques will also be addressed. While drilling
this choreography, NagaSita will put more emphasis on stage presence
by covering methods in:
-Theatrical Stylization
-Choosing interesting angles
-Head placement with moves& facial expressions
-Purity of Essence with Intention
-and Poise
This workshop enables dancers to take home with them a new and
integral assortment of tools for developing an effective personal
practice in Tribal-Nouveau as a concoction created to enhance ones own
Tribal-Fusion artform.

in which NagaSita demonstrates the art of effective stage makeup, sourcing costumes and creating you own adornments.
Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced students. Please bring a yoga mat, bottled water and
something to tie around the waist is optional.

Facebook Event

Note: This post is in progress, will be updating later. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

A blast from the past!

For a fun treat, give Radio Bastet a listen! Each free podcast features a variety of music from vintage LPS from the 50s through the 80s! So much fun to put on in the background while stretching or practicing!
For those of you who collect (like me) this is a great way to preview what the old albums sound like before trying to hunt one down! (Ebay cough, choke)
Happy listening!

A wise & inspirational quote

"If a student takes the stage, they need to take the stage as a student, being presented as a student. When a professional takes the stage, it needs to be clear through skill and presentation that they are one, without introduction. A professional who is "ready" can take command of any space, even if the attention isn't exclusively on her/him, and make it their own for five minutes, completely change the atmosphere to the point where even the people who weren't watching will feel it when they leave. If you cannot make it obvious through both skill and other stage dynamics, to an audience of rambunctious people, that you have done this many times, and fully intend on doing it many more...make it look are not a professional." -Savannah Demers

Strengthen your hands for zill work!

Who doesn't want to pick up a pair of Saroyans and start playing away? Well believe it or not, it's very easy to strain muscles and even tendons playing zills if you're not careful!
Start by finding a light, small pair of zills to start out with - you can practice without overworking. You can also strengthen your fingers with a simple rubber band! That's right - it works on the same principle as a resistance band! Find a band that is a bit thick so it doesn't roll and snap on your skin, and play with a few to find one with the perfect amount of resistance.
Exercise 1: First, place the band around your middle finger and thumb, like you're going to play zills, and stretch your fingers away from each other. You can also do the same exercise with each finger, just take it easy on the small ones! Also, practice isolation by keeping your other fingers still, and work to your fullest contraction to develop flexibility.

Exercise 2 Next try placing the band on your thumb and pinky, stretched across your palm. Stretch your thumb and pinky away from each other, and feel the muscles in your hand working! Try the same thing around the back of your hand for a different effect.

Make sure you don't over do it, and do the same number of reps on each hand!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

subscription feeder update

Hi all :)
If you have a current subscription to our email updates (as of 6pm Wed), please take a moment to re-subscribe to our new email sign up box (same as before). I know it doesn't look any different, but it redirects info back to me from a different account now.
Thanks :) ... sorry for any inconvenience :(

Delilah :)

Miles Copeland interview

The lady narrating this sounds like she's talking to a grade-school class or something, but I really like this interview! :)

Bellydance Superstars in Spokane!

I'm happy to announce a real treat! The Bellydance Superstars are going to be in town this Friday at the Bing Cosby Theater! This is a rare opportunity to see the top professionals in the field perform in a theatrical setting. Their current show is a fusion of Bellydance and Bollywood and Oddissi dancing - Neffie got to see the show when she went to audition in Virginia, and she can say firsthand that the show is top of the line. Have a look at their latest promo:

If you're interested in going, I highly recommend that you purchase your tickets at the Arena Box Office with cash - you will save on all of the phone and credit fees that way. You can also purchase tickets at the door 2 hours prior to the show. Also, our group will be sitting in the balcony near the front, we'd love to have you join us!! It will be a wonderful community evening. :)
Also, for experienced students, we have a fabulous workshop opportunity on Saturday with master dancers Petite Jamilla and Sabah! If you're interested you may find all the info and sign up online here or at our booth in the Bing lobby the night of the show.
Hope to see everyone there! :)