Monday, May 2, 2011

Mystik Dream's library will be up and running soon!

Hello all!
I'm happy to announce our most recent brainchild, a student resource that I'm very excited about - a library! We already have a pretty respectable collection of DVDs - instructional, performance and documentary, as well as books and CDs! Also, right now we have a whole bunch of DVDs to sell for 40 to 60 percent off - they don't have the covers, so I'd like to replace the ones designated for the library (It really helps to pick out a DVD when you can see the pictures and description and such).
It will run simply as any library - pick out something you'd like to borrow, you'll get a return date, and bring it back! We will have standard late fees and all that jazz, but we shouldn't have too much of a problem with that right? ;)
If you completely fall in love with something, just let me know, pay me the value and keep it and I'll order a new one!
I'm very excited about the way that this will expand the resources of my students and I hope you will all enjoy it!

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