Saturday, April 30, 2011

Re-sharing an observation from this Spring

The following is from my Facebook notes from January. :) Came across it and thought I'd share here. For any of my serious students, this mentality is what I hope to instill in all of you. Take it to heart!

I have not danced in eight. days. My body, as an instrument, is out of tune. I rue the difference I feel after one or two days. Dancing daily results in every muscle memory being fresh in the mind, the most complex muscular combinations as easy as waving the hand. Concentration and strain is for the studio, not the stage. People mistakenly practice at 50 to 80 percent at best, and perform at 100 percent.
However it is my personal motto that one must practice at 120 to 150 percent - rehearsal is the time to push yourself and concentrate. When you perform, all your practice pays off and you actually perform at 100 percent. The best performers are often said to be the ones who "make it looks easy". If a dancer does something obviously very impressive, but appears to be straining or nervous (or pulling a muscle), it really ruins the effect. It is far better to do the most difficult things with the most apparent ease and grace.
If every last minute detail is not perfect - repeatedly - in the studio, it will not be so on stage. By the time anything reaches the stage, in a perfect world, it could be done backwards and upside down while sleeping.
Nothing makes a phenomenal performer or group except diligence, preserverance and good old blood, sweat and tears. Practice does not make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Session, New Classes, and More!

Greetings students and dancers!
We will be hosting our quarterly (or supposed to be quarterly, cough, choke) souk on Saturday April 29th here at the studio from 3 to 6pm! Come browse the various new and gently used wares including practice wear, costuming, fabric, props, and all kinds of things!

Also, we are beginning our newest session May 1st! We will be welcoming new students and a new instructor! Director of Koreshkati Tribal Fusion, Nicole Richardson will be joining our ranks teaching Tribal Fusion Mondays at 7pm! We have a special offer for current students - sign up for a month of Tribal Fusion in addition to your current class and save an extra five dollars off the bundle price! That's $70.00 for two courses (8 classes per month)!

We are adding a couple more ways to earn Bellybucks to our rewards program! Students who pay for a session and do not miss a class will receive five dollars off their next session! And students who attend an approved company performance or community event will receive a discount off their next month or session, depending on the ticket price of the event.

And last but not least, a reminder of a few policies we're javing trouble with
Please respect our neighbors and make sure to park on our side of the street in front of our house! If there is not space on the street, feel free to park behind the black car in the driveway. And also please be sure to remove your shoes at the door and place them in the coat closet. It makes a huge difference in keeping the floor clean for each class!

Thank you all, and we will see you in class! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Koreshakti @ Abney Park Concert!

Koreshakti's performance at the Abney Park show yesterday at the Knitting Factory! Nefabit, Surina, Savvy, and Nicole, You guys RAQ!! :)