Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NEW! Dancewear!

We are now carrying a selection of hip scarves, zills, and dancewear.
One of our suppliers is an eBay seller, dapeng
We also have a wholesale account with
They are starting to carry the same things as dapeng, but they have lower prices! :)
We can place a large order with either of these guys for a 20% discount. We will make a 10% profit, but that will go into expanding our selection. :)
Feel free to look around and see what they have to offer. If you see something you want, let us know by email. To calculate your price, add their price plus their shipping price and then subtract 10%.
Happy Shopping! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best Sword Dance Ever :)

This is still my most favorite sword dance of all time.
It is from Suhaila Salimpour's theatrical performance Sheherezade.
The song is "Edge of Survival" by Ziad Islambouli.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March-April Community Bullitien Board

Here is a list of upcoming events, performances and workshops in and nearby Spokane! Please comment or email if I missed something. :)

March 5th 3:00-8:30pm Sultana dancers Hafla Clarion Hotel Ballroom Richland, WA
The Sultana Dancers 2011 Annual Hafla is fast approaching! Come check out one of the longest standing belly dance shows in Southeastern Washington with some uber talented dancers from all over the Pacific Northwest! The featured performer (who is also giving a workshop on 3/6 at Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet) is Dahlia Moon - 2007 Bellydancer of the Universe! Many styles of belly dance will be performed, as well as some live drumming! There will also be vendors offering a variety of belly dance goodies! The event is being held in the main ballroom of the Clarion Hotel on George Washington Way in Richland WA. Admission is free, with donations greatly appreciated. The show is family friendly, and there will be an after-party in the lounge for the 21+ crowd to unwind, and dance some more!!!
Facebook Event (also for workshops)
March 6th Workshops with Dahlia Moon 2007 Bellydancer of the Universe "Hot Hips"
Get the how-tos for some of the most popular and impressive Egyptian style hip movements from multi-award-winning dancer, Dahlia. Utilizing modern and beledi styling, she'll start with the basics then burn her way through advanced techniques. Have you ever wondered what the "Jewel" is? Or the difference between the "Ghawazee" and "Hagalla" 3/4 shimmies? Get them all securely fastened under your belt in this highly valuable workshop for all belly dance styles!
"Folkloric Egyptian Technique"
You may be surprised to find that much of the cross-genre movement in belly dance comes from folkloric Egyptian dances! Hone your skills and expand your repetoire; gain and maintain a solid foundation in the style that is the Mother of this sacred dance we Americans call, "Belly Dance." By cross-training the old and the new, we improve our skills as dancers while nurturing an appreciation of this ancient art form. Dahlia helps you connect with the essence of Belly Dance through stylistically challenging drills and combos of folkloric Egyptian genres.

Register by contacting Cost is $60 for the 4 hour workshop.
March 12th 7:00pm- Belly Dancing at the Red Dragon (repeats second Sat of every month)
This wonderful community event showcases dancers of all styles and levels! This month featuring Arzu, Savannah Demers, Nicole Richardson, Janelle Jackson, Ballet Classique, Malidoma, Salawa, Shining, Nefabit, and Nizana! Free admission, please support restaurant with food or drink purchase as there is extremely limited space!
Facebook Event

March 26th - Layali Tarab XIII (And Nefabit's birthday!)
Baharat!! Dance Company hosts an evening of "Quality Entertainment, Spiced with the Flavors of the Middle East", featuring dances from Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and Greece, along with skits and Persian and American fusion. Our special guests are Spokane's Nefabit, Salawa of Los Angeles and Sacramento California, and Portland, Oregon's Shining.
Excellent Thai Cuisine and a variety of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are available for those who want to purchase dinner, drinks, or appetizers.
Price- $12 in advance, $15 at the door, Children under 10 are $5.
For information and reservations:
Please make checks payable to Deborah Majewski,
PO Box 4782, Spokane WA. 99220
Or email Baharat at for more info.
Facebook Event

April 8th 9am - 10pm Workshops and Gala Show with Ranya Renee - in Butte Montana
“Technique Tidbits for Egyptian Oriental Dance” 9am
Foundation and flair—hipwork, abdominal movements, graceful arms and hands, and step combinations. Ranya’s holistic approach to Egyptian technique works towards awakening a sense of postural, muscular, and energetic connections in the body. Designed to produce a healthy, centered, grounded way of dancing, to feel good, execute movements well, and protect the body from injury by using muscular support. We’ll work with some of Ranya’s favorite combinations, and focus on the technique of “movement linking” to create a smooth flow between distinct movements, as well as applying breathwork to the combinations for a more relaxed look and feel.
“Shimmy Clinic”
10:30 am - noon
Ranya the Shimmy Doctor welcomes you to her Clinic, to help diagnose whatever might be getting in the way of your free and powerful shimmy, and lead you through exercises and drills across the range of shimmy options! We'll work with points of origination of the shimmy in the body, hips, legs, use of butt and pelvic floor muscles, shimmying on flat feet, up on toes, weighted, unweighted, weight shifting, layering movements over shimmies, and adding a touch of shimmy to spice up your movements. We'll use music that complements shimmies, with guidance on how to apply shimmies and vibrations to accompany different instruments and rhythmic tempos. You'll learn techniques to free your shimmy through breathwork, stretching, and mental relaxation training. The Doctor knows that the shimmy experience is not the same for all body types, so she'll give pointers for working with what you've got, whether you are tight or loose, slim or juicy, or somewhere in between. This workshop lays the groundwork so you can build your personal shimmy practice with no shame and no apologies! Be prepared for a fun combination of shimmy workout and shimmy spa relaxation.

Noon-1:00 pm: Lunch and shopping
1:00-4:00 pm
Modern Egyptian Oriental Choreography by Ranya Renee: Learning a choreography is a great way to put it all together and take away lots of ideas, movements and combinations from a workshop! Ranya will present an original choreography in the modern Egyptian style!
7:00-10:00 pm
Gala show featuring Ranya Renee, with Arwen, Suzan, Copper City Beledi and many other wonderful areal dancers and troupes!
Sunday, April 10th:
Ranya will be available for private lessons and/or a master class!

Facebook Event 

April 9th 10:00am Hip Hop, Martial Arts and Belly Dance Fusion Workshop With Raqs Steddie Eddie
host- Il Rawazi Baten
presenter- Raq Steady Eddie
topic- Hip hop, martial arts and belly dance fusion
cost- $30.00

Facebook Event

April 9th 3:00-7:00pm Il Rawazi Baten's East Beast Hafla
Il Rawazi Baten hosts it's 2nd Annual East Beast Hafla. Dancers from around the northwest are invited to join us and our special guest Raq Steady Eddie.
Facebook Event
April 9th 8:00-11:00pm - Abney Park with Koreshakti Tribal Fusion and DJ Panix!
A wonderful evening of Steampunk, Tribal Fusion and Music! Koreshakti Tribal Fusion will be performing an hour long set at this concert with special guest Nagasita! Admission $15.00 at the Knitting Factory
Facebook Event

April 10th 10:30am - Workshop with Tribal Fusion Dancer Nagasita
~Bring your Artform to the next level~
April 10th 10:30 A.M.-1:30 A.M.
$35.00 in advance $40.00 at the door
Register at
Costume Tutorial Add On $10.00 in advance $15.00 at the door

In this workshop NagaSita will teach a new choreography in the style
of her own take on Tribal Fusion Bellydance "Tribal-Nouveau". A style
which serves as a solid foundation for building on and personalizing
to enhance your dance repertoire in Tribal-Fusion while nourishing
techniques in grace, poise, fluidity and dynamism. Techniques for
eliminating pre-performance jitters will be shared along with an
effective warm up for flawless execution on stage. The lay-back as
well as floorwork techniques will also be addressed. While drilling
this choreography, NagaSita will put more emphasis on stage presence
by covering methods in:
-Theatrical Stylization
-Choosing interesting angles
-Head placement with moves& facial expressions
-Purity of Essence with Intention
-and Poise
This workshop enables dancers to take home with them a new and
integral assortment of tools for developing an effective personal
practice in Tribal-Nouveau as a concoction created to enhance ones own
Tribal-Fusion artform.

in which NagaSita demonstrates the art of effective stage makeup, sourcing costumes and creating you own adornments.
Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced students. Please bring a yoga mat, bottled water and
something to tie around the waist is optional.

Facebook Event

Note: This post is in progress, will be updating later. :)