Monday, February 21, 2011

A blast from the past!

For a fun treat, give Radio Bastet a listen! Each free podcast features a variety of music from vintage LPS from the 50s through the 80s! So much fun to put on in the background while stretching or practicing!
For those of you who collect (like me) this is a great way to preview what the old albums sound like before trying to hunt one down! (Ebay cough, choke)
Happy listening!

A wise & inspirational quote

"If a student takes the stage, they need to take the stage as a student, being presented as a student. When a professional takes the stage, it needs to be clear through skill and presentation that they are one, without introduction. A professional who is "ready" can take command of any space, even if the attention isn't exclusively on her/him, and make it their own for five minutes, completely change the atmosphere to the point where even the people who weren't watching will feel it when they leave. If you cannot make it obvious through both skill and other stage dynamics, to an audience of rambunctious people, that you have done this many times, and fully intend on doing it many more...make it look are not a professional." -Savannah Demers

Strengthen your hands for zill work!

Who doesn't want to pick up a pair of Saroyans and start playing away? Well believe it or not, it's very easy to strain muscles and even tendons playing zills if you're not careful!
Start by finding a light, small pair of zills to start out with - you can practice without overworking. You can also strengthen your fingers with a simple rubber band! That's right - it works on the same principle as a resistance band! Find a band that is a bit thick so it doesn't roll and snap on your skin, and play with a few to find one with the perfect amount of resistance.
Exercise 1: First, place the band around your middle finger and thumb, like you're going to play zills, and stretch your fingers away from each other. You can also do the same exercise with each finger, just take it easy on the small ones! Also, practice isolation by keeping your other fingers still, and work to your fullest contraction to develop flexibility.

Exercise 2 Next try placing the band on your thumb and pinky, stretched across your palm. Stretch your thumb and pinky away from each other, and feel the muscles in your hand working! Try the same thing around the back of your hand for a different effect.

Make sure you don't over do it, and do the same number of reps on each hand!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

subscription feeder update

Hi all :)
If you have a current subscription to our email updates (as of 6pm Wed), please take a moment to re-subscribe to our new email sign up box (same as before). I know it doesn't look any different, but it redirects info back to me from a different account now.
Thanks :) ... sorry for any inconvenience :(

Delilah :)

Miles Copeland interview

The lady narrating this sounds like she's talking to a grade-school class or something, but I really like this interview! :)

Bellydance Superstars in Spokane!

I'm happy to announce a real treat! The Bellydance Superstars are going to be in town this Friday at the Bing Cosby Theater! This is a rare opportunity to see the top professionals in the field perform in a theatrical setting. Their current show is a fusion of Bellydance and Bollywood and Oddissi dancing - Neffie got to see the show when she went to audition in Virginia, and she can say firsthand that the show is top of the line. Have a look at their latest promo:

If you're interested in going, I highly recommend that you purchase your tickets at the Arena Box Office with cash - you will save on all of the phone and credit fees that way. You can also purchase tickets at the door 2 hours prior to the show. Also, our group will be sitting in the balcony near the front, we'd love to have you join us!! It will be a wonderful community evening. :)
Also, for experienced students, we have a fabulous workshop opportunity on Saturday with master dancers Petite Jamilla and Sabah! If you're interested you may find all the info and sign up online here or at our booth in the Bing lobby the night of the show.
Hope to see everyone there! :)