Saturday, December 17, 2011

Audition for Ensemble/Corps du Dance

Hello dancers!
I've been thinking about the company lately, and I'd like to create a kind of gateway opportunity for students to work with the company on a level suitable to their experience. Rather than having this huge gap from the start of training to the possibility of auditioning for the company, I thought it would be good to create parts in the company's repertoire that can be performed by dancers who have solid technique and good experience, but maybe aren't at a professional level or aren't ready to make the commitment that is required of a soloist level dancer in the company.
Commitment to participate in a performance would be solely on a case to case basis, meaning there would not be long term commitment to perform in every show we decide to take part in (however, each performance would have a commitment agreement). This would also be a great way to work on skills such as memorization of choreography, transitions, combos, props, etc. even if you don't have solid plans to perform. This class would also work very specifically on performance skills.
We would most likely call this group the Mystik Dream Student Ensemble or the Mystik Dream Corps du Dance.

If there is enough interest I will hold an audition in January. If you are accepted, while this would be a low level commitment, students would still be responsible for costuming, class attendance, etc and would be required to sign a contract describing behavior and requirements while participating as part of the group (but not committing to any period of time or required performances). I am thinking of scheduling this class for Saturday at 3:00pm, right after company rehearsal. Members of the ensemble/corps would be welcome to attend rehearsal to observe and understudy more major roles. If a dancer became ill or injured, an understudy would be called on to fill in.

Benefits of participating in this class would obviously include performance opportunities both as a student group and as corps to the professional company, possibility to be cast for minor roles in future productions, as well as a featured bio on our website, extra training time, priority for auditioning to become a higher level member of the company and compensation for performances when possible.
Discounted Cost - While I can't offer a class straight up for free (studio time uses lots of electricity), I would like to offer this class at a seriously discounted rate, probably 15-20.00 a month.
Requirements: Must be enrolled in the intermediate or advanced classical class at MDDA. You must be 18 to sign your own contract, if you are under 18 you will be required to set up a parent-teacher meeting. Must show proficiency in basic technique, posture and alignment, ability to follow stage directions and floor patterns, execute advanced turns and perform basic backbends as well as demonstrate dedication. You must be in good health, able physically to meet the demands of performing.

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