Sunday, October 2, 2011

Almishkal and What's Next!

Well, Almishkal 2011 was a success! We had a few hiccups in the show - a bra with stage fright, beads on the floor and a great big SPLAT in my solo - but all that only adds to the showbiz experience! I always say - it's not about a lack of mistakes, it's about recovering gracefully. I'm still not sure about the final attendance headcount, but we're estimating around 150. I've received a ton of audience feedback, all positive!
I am so proud of my students, who worked so hard and did such a great job! I watch the video of the finale over and over again! I'm working on slowly getting videos and pictures up so keep on checking the facebook page and youtube channel! Here are links to what I have up so far:   <- The finale! Great job everyone!   <- Heartbeat   <- Delilah's solo Sunshower
So what's next? Well, as I have already mentioned I am working on a brand new intermediate choreograpy - the track is Sahra Sadie by Gamal Goma. It's a very popular drum solo with good reason, it's very easy to dance to as far as drum solos go. I'm nursing my knee but also trying to work on the choreo without moving a whole lot, easier said than done! For those of you who are interested in performing, I have some upcoming haflas around town in mind. Haflas are a great opportunity to get to know other dancers in the community and perform in a supportive all-dancer audience!
For anyone who is interested, registration is now open for the La Danse Orientale Competition in Tacoma, WA! If you are interested in performing, I will be happy to assist you with finding a good costume for a good deal ( is always the best place to start) as well as coaching, choreography and song choice. Unfortunately there is no student troupe category so everyone will have to enter as soloists. What a great opportunity to grow as a dancer! I'm very excited about it. I will be entering the Miss La Danse Orientale category, and hopefully we will be entering into the troupe category as well! I have to start saving for those entry fees. Regarding travel, I'm hoping to arrange a carpool for everyone who wants to go. If you're interested we will all need to begin making arrangements soon, so let's talk about it!

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